What I’ve learned living on less

It’s day 20 of my living on less challenge and so far I’ve averaged $1.79 per day for my food, taken 3 train trips and been a passenger in a car four times. I’ve raised an AUD equivalent of ~$1,140 to support some of the most effective charities helping to improve the lives of people in poverty.

It’s not been a walk in the park by any means but I’ve certainly learned a lot.

When I started writing this post I thought it’d be a few quick lessons – turns out I was very wrong. I’ve decided to break it up into what I’ve learned about people, food, poverty, fundraising and habits.

I’ll be putting the finishing touches on the posts and publishing them over the week. Subscribe to email updates if you want to get them delivered to your inbox.

I’ll also link them all here once they’re published:

  • What I’ve learned about people
  • What I’ve learned about food
  • What I’ve learned about poverty
  • What I’ve learned about fundraising
  • What I’ve learned about habits

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10 February 2017

Australia must become more like failing economies

"Study after study has demonstrated that Australia relies more heavily on company tax revenue than other comparable countries and that the 30 per cent tax rate is increasingly out of step with global trends" - Phillip Lowe

Britain and the US are cited as examples of countries with lower tax rates. Which is possibly troubling unless one remembers that both of those economies are tanking and have been for some time. It's possible that a heavier dependence on company tax (which many companies don't) is what has helped the Australian economy survive the last 10 years with hardly a blemish. It also may be entirely unrelated, but there still remains no reason at all to be modelling our economic policy on Britain or the US. Soz imperial overlords - no offence intended.


31 January 2017

Year Three


Here is my eight year old, on his first day of Year 3, with the first flowers of his “Mexicad Blue” plant.

He was excited and nervous to return to school – nervous of change and of NAPLAN, but excited to see friends. At 3pm a very smiley boy greeted me. Happy with his class – teacher and classmates. I’m hopeful he has another great school year where he loves going, loves learning, grows, develops and matures… but also has fun and is a good friend.

Eight years old. Time does fly, slowly at times. He is a joy, a frustration and a delight.


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A Good Story

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